Privacy Policy

When you’re visiting the KAKEE Website, data is collected by your browser using cookies and log files. You can deactivate data collection directly in the browser settings.

How are data collected?

The KAKEE Website uses Google Analytics. Data is collected by Google Analytics cookies. This data helps us to optimize our Website. You can install Google Analytics op-out browser add-on to prevent data collecting.

When you share KAKEE’s project with the social media share button, data will be collected. Each social media has its own privacy policy. You can consult these directly on each Site in order to learn about their data collection. Data collection in these Sites could differ from KAKEE.

When you subscribe to the KAKEE newsletter form, you agree to provide personal information. At any time, you can choose to unsubscribe from it.

We also invite you to contact us to share your comments or concerns about the data collection on our Website.

Where is collected data stored?

Collected data is kept on a secure server and automatically backed up by our host.
KAKEE never shares the data collected with any another organization.

What is my responsibility?

By continuing to visit the KAKEE Website, you accept this policy and confirm that you have read it.
KAKEE reserves the right to modify this policy. Updated March 2021.

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