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What is the meaning of sustainable graphic design?

It's our specialty! The process knows no boundaries. At KAKEE, we question ourselves at the very beginning of each project. We study and reflect upon the message, the target, the purpose, the distribution method, the life cycle of the tool, etc. We then focus our creative process on visual choices that highlight your strengths while opting for formats, materials and production processes that minimize your environmental impact.

The result?

Tailor-made communication tools, with a well defined life cycle, that are often modular and that fulfill more than one function. This not only increases the positive value of your organization but reduces your budget by the same token. Quality design and effective communication tools are never at the expense of sustainable choices. On the contrary, these choices allow you to further project your specificities and showcase your strengths. The idea is to minimize the environmental footprint of our designs and to transform these constraints into creative challenges.

Other Expertise

Communicate your good moves

Our team is here to help! We provide services geared towards the collection of data on the consumables related to your communication tools, analyzing this data and helping you set annual objectives in order to reduce your environmental impact. This is what we call the Sustainable Assessment of printed communication tools!

Integrate sustainable graphic design in your work

We offer specific consultancy services to creative teams. We support you in your projects and help you to focus your creative process on a more sustainable approach throughout every step - whether it be in the validation of the tool you are creating, its design as well as the choice of materials or suppliers!

Propose the advantages of this type of approach to your client

The KAKEE team will assist you and provide key arguments to demonstrate the added value of sustainable choices in the development of their printed communication tools!

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